Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015


I was lucky and got my hands on marble tile samples, and I immediately knew that I wanted to turn them into coasters. This is probably the easiest DIY you will ever see but so worth it!

Samples like these are usually available at the hardware store. Some stores only sell tiles in packs but the one I frequent sells them one by one as well. In case you don't like the marble, you can create these with any kind of tile you want.

The samples come in a variety of colors, reddish, brownish, grey, black, and mostly white.

These are the ones I picked, a pretty selection of whites, greys, and blacks.

All you need, aside from the samples, are either floor protectors or bumper pads. If you don't have either, you can also cut felt into squares and glue them onto the bottom of the tiles.

I positioned one pad on each corner of the tile so that the weight of a glass or cup would be evenly distributed. Make sure the surface of the tile is clean and dry so that the pads stick to it well.
And that is it! If you spill juice or coffee onto them, just wipe them clean with a little water.

In a pack of four or six or eight they make for a nice housewarming gift! Which colors or patterns would you pick? xo, Ida

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