Freitag, 16. Januar 2015


A while ago, a friend asked me whether I could create a custom doormat. I immediately checked Pinterest for ideas and liked the ones with funny quotes on them the most.

you need:

- cardboard
- a paper cutter
- a cutting mat
- some kind of adhesive tape
- a plain doormat
- spray paint in a color of your choice
- and a quote or image to your liking

I started by transferring the quote onto the cardboard. You could also print the letters in a size that fits your doormat, arrange them on top of the cardboard and use them as a template for the actual cut. It takes some time and force to cut through the cardboard, and I learned the hard way to watch my fingers! Ouch. I watched my favorite tv shows of all times, Sons of Anarchy, while I drew and cut out my quote.

The next step is to go outside and arrange the template you created on top of your doormat. I used both adhesive tape and paper clips to make sure the template wouldn't slip.

The next step is to spray alllllll over the quote. I let it dry outside for an afternoon and then added another coat of paint in the evening. To make sure that it was dry and that the smell of the paint had subsided, I left it outside overnight and carried it inside on the next morning.

If you don't want to use spray paint (I colored the grass a tiny bit, luckily my neighbours didn't mind), you can also use paint from a paint tube or a can and apply it with a brush. I highly recommend using a foam brush for that as they don't shed any unwelcome hair.

When I bought the doormat I didn't realize that the mat as such was woven, which was a disadvantage for this kind of DIY as the color trickled down the curves of the weave. You can see that the letters look a bit smudged on the photo below. I redid the mat with a standard doormat from IKEA and it looks really good. I've been using it in my new apartment for 5 months now and it's held up pretty well!

What quote would you put on your door mat? xo, Ida

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