Samstag, 24. Januar 2015


I love hexagons. And tools. And hardware stores. And the smooth surface and weight of a hex nut. Years ago I created an entire jewelry line around hex nuts, silver ones, for MADE BY IDA, and sometimes when I'm at the hardware store buying something entirely different, a small box of hex nuts will find their way into my shopping cart. These medium sized brass hex nuts were too beautiful to leave back there. I had them lying around the house for a while and the night before I was to appear on TV I made this necklace to wear on screen.


- hex nuts
- strong thread
- a clasp
- scissors
- super glue

Start by playing around with the shape. In the package I purchased were 8 hex nuts and I wanted to use all of them. I tried out several shapes and ended up liking this one the most.

Connect all of them in your desired shape by knotting the hex nuts together with your thread. I knotted each one twice to secure the knots.

I connected them on all sides. The hex nuts do have a bit of weight to them at that size, so the more thread the better. I also liked the look of the thread on the front.

Once the shape is secured by the thread, I added a small amount of glue to the knots with a paintbrush. You can directly use the glue bottle if you want, mine was just a little too runny so I used a brush instead. I let it sit there and dry for about 20 minutes.

The last step was to add thread and the clasps. And that was it!

I like the grey color of the thread against the brass hex nuts but a midnight blue might also look cool... Maybe next time! Which hex nut and thread color would you pick? xo, Ida


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